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Carlos Ruiz

Award Winning Mixologist

Areas of Expertise

Mixology, cocktail menu development, staff training, private events, and marketing

Carlos Ruiz is a multi-award-winning mixologist and hospitality industry consultant, who specializes in mixology, cocktail menu development, training, inventory and cost management for bars, restaurants, and events. A proud native of Lima, Peru, Ruiz moved to New York nearly two decades ago. There, his dream of becoming a successful mixologist was born, and where he has worked tirelessly to master his craft and rise to the top of the custom cocktail field.

Since he was 18, Carlos has participated in over 30 mixology contests and earned a slew of prestigious awards, such as the New Jersey Restaurant and Hospitality Association’s “Mixologist of the Year” in 2015, Iron Shaker 2018 "Best Bartender in New Jersey",  “Mediterranean Inspiration Cocktail Competition” in Ibiza, Spain, the Herradura Tequila Legends and the "Booze & Infuse" among many others. 

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